Why teach

Why Teach?

Why do I want to become a teacher?

I want to be a teacher for several reasons. One reason, a teacher is considered as a lifelong learner due to students’ interesting questions, so I want to be a lifelong learner. Another reason, I want to take summers off to relax and take a vacation. Teaching, also, is not considered as a repetitious job, so a teacher meets new students, introduces new topics and uses new strategies each semester depending on students’ knowledge, personality and beliefs.  Lastly, it is a chance to change the students’ future by discovering their strong personality and then weakness, then develop and improve them academically and personally. In fact, I prefer to work as a teacher rather than work in industries for these reasons.

Why do I want to teach the level /subject area that I have chosen? 

I have chosen to teach mathematics because it challenges me more than other subjects, especially in every question students ask me. In addition, I have chosen grade three because of their personality. They are energetic, interested in rules, have a strong desire to perform well, and they can reason logically about actual objects and organize thought coherently.   

What will make I a good teacher? 

I will become a good teacher by using appropriate strategies to teach effectively and to discipline students, understanding the need and problems of them, taking care of classroom arrangement and environmental factors, being resourceful, organized and positive, and setting high expectations for all students. 

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