Statement about creating a positive learning environment

 A positive learning environment

Teacher needs to consider some points to create a positive learning environment for example:

  • 1.      Depend on classroom size, the teaching strategies will arrange, such as:
  • o   If the classroom size enough to organize students around tables or clusters of desks, so that will help students to collaborate in small groups.
  • o   If the classroom size enough to organize student to make a circle or U-shaped desk configuration, so I can use frequent whole-group discussions.
  • 2.      The number of students in a classroom depends on classroom size because many students need extensive mobility while learning.
  • 3.      Allow students to sit where they feel most comfortable because the light effects on their ability to learn.
  • 4.      Find a place for student who has special needs or behavior problems in close proximity to the teacher’s desk.
  • 5.      Temperature affects students, and most students can't concentrate when they are either too cool or too warm. Therefore, it is important to help students become aware of temperature preferences.
  • 6.      Consider wall posters and it should be rotated and refreshed frequently.
  • 7      Choose green or blue for the wall painting because they will help to be Calm, relax, happy and comfort.

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